matthewninja today: Private Blog & VendorPM Onboarding

Private (serverless) Blog w/ Lambda@Edge

I wanted to make a private blog post with some thoughts that I don’t necessarily want to make public to the universe. I’m also on a student budget, and don’t want to spin up a dedicated VM to serve pages behind a password. I found this post on serverless, password protected static pages by lmakarov.

Lambda@Edge allows one to use node.js or python Lambda functions through Cloudfront. If you’re up to date with the serverless development environment, you might agree with me when I say that serverless is the future. I used a node.js for password-walling my secret blog.

Visit my secret blog at Password required. If you know, you know.

VendorPM Onboarding

I’ve been working for VendorPM remotely for 3 days now, since Wednesday. Today, I’m going into the office to be officially onboarded! Very excited.