Joining VendorPM & More IG Effects

Today, I joined the awesome team at VendorPM to help their development. Also, because yesterday’s IG effect so fun, I made two more today!

Joining The VendorPM Team

Today, I joined VendorPM as a developer. I’m going to be doing some front end work for them in react and graphql. It’s only a short-term commitment, but I’m excited to get some diffs in!

I configured the codebase for testing today. The app uses React Router, so components require some state to test. I got around this by using Jest with Enzyme to unit test components.

Another Instagram Effect! Which Toronto Raptor Are you?

I’m still waiting for yesterday’s effect to be reviewed and published so that I can share it. Spark AR says it usually takes 10 business days 😎. In the meantime, I got back at it! This time, I made the effect “Which Toronto Raptor Are You?”

Oh. I also made one for the Lakers.

Which Raptor Are You? Which Laker Are You?

Tomorrow, I think I’ll make one called “which team will win the championships?” The catch will be that it won’t be random–it’ll always land on the Raps 🏀

Stay tuned 🦞